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Cornell Email | E-Mail Subject Lines - 3 Easy Tips to Get Users to Open and Read Your E-Mail

 Cornell Email | E-Mail Subject Lines - 3 Easy Tips to Get Users to Open and Read Your E-Mail

A frequent question I'm asked is how to come up with attention grabbing email marketing subject lines. E-mail subject lines can be daunting, and many people struggle to come up with just the right one. While email marketing is one heck of a way to communicate with your readers and promote your business, if they don't open up your email in the first place then you've spent all that time writing it for nothing.

Your subject line is your first impression - make it a good one. Subject lines are designed to grab your readers' attention so they open up your email to read more. You want to peak interest and curiosity. Your subject line should tell the reader that if they open up your email they will find a solution to their problem. They want to know "what's in it for them."

Follow these 3 easy tips to get users to open and read your email:

1) Asking a question gets your readers involved in your message because they automatically begin to answer the question in their minds. It generates curiosity because people want to find out the answer to the question. So, something like "Are you tired of not closing sales? Discover 3 secrets to closing all the sales you want" would automatically have your readers answering that question.

2) People love getting free tips and tricks, checklists and step by step instructions on how to do something. It's also smart to add a number, preferably an odd number. Researchers at Cornell University found that "odd numbers cause buyers momentary confusion. Confused, people fall back on associations. And people associate odd numbers with discounts. Hence, odd numbers in a listed price equal a discount". Go figure!

Try a subject line such as "How to effortlessly erase those fine lines and wrinkles in less than 7 days." I know I'd be interested!

3) Pump up your subject line with words like "simple" and "easy". In example No. 2 I used the word "effortlessly" - people like effortless! If your email suggests that what you are sharing will make your readers' day easier and simpler - they're going to open it up. Combine power words with odd numbers and you've got a winner.

Some other great power words are: Discover, learn, secrets of, do you, how to, imagine, protect, facts about, you, the truth about, and results. "Discover 3 secrets to boosting your energy in 7 days."

Stay away from: Amazing, revolutionary, great, all new, (when just "new" would suffice), guaranteed, FREE, and even special and important. These words will most definitely dump your email into the recipients spam folder. "Revolutionary new program guaranteed to increase your income 100% in 30 days"! Whew - that's a spam email if I ever saw one!

Basically, you want to solve your readers' problem. If you keep that in mind, and follow the tips I just gave you, then struggling with subject lines should become a thing of the past.

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